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Services We Offer

In house we offer the following services but our staff also have other services which they offer in their own businesses.

See their individual profiles for more information.

Individual Sessions:
Group Sessions:
Excercise class

Individual Sessions:


All of our physiotherapists are Chartered and Health Care professions Council HCPC registered.


We offer a high standard of physiotherapy assessment and treatments for musculoskeletal issues, injuries and conditions which affect them. 
We offer pre and post operation assessment and advise. This can be followed up with a supported progressive rehab program to a timescale which suits you.

We have the skills and experience within the team to support high level sports rehab, reduce injury risk, reduce loss of training time and maximise your performance.
We also can offer help for patients with neurological conditions such as Parkinson's disease, strokes, and MS.

Find out more about Physiotherapy.


Although massage is a core skill in physiotherapy we do have a physio and a massage therapist who have had additional training in massage and can offer appointments where you feel no physiotherapy assessment is required.


Liz Hunter: Offers acupuncture for pain, muscle issues, headaches, stress and for the relief of hot flushes, menopausal symptoms.

Sarah Lord: Offers acupuncture for MSK conditions.

Find out more about Acupuncture.

Bike Fit

Liz Bowen (Hunter) trained in bike fit with the British cycling biomechanics physio who developed a person-centred set of tests which enable us to adjust the bike to best suit your individual body shape range of movements and any restrictions. The aim is to improve comfort on the bike, reduce cycling related symptoms and improve power output.

It is carried out in clinic on a turbo and usually takes between 60 & 90 mins.

Please contact the clinic for more details.

Run Video Analysis

Do you want to improve your running performance, improve your speed, efficiency, or simply have less aches or pains?

Are you struggling with recurrent injuries?

Why not try a video running analysis?

Find out more about Run Video Analysis and what is included:

Group Sessions:

Spinal Education

This includes postural, mobility, strength exercises with an emphasis on understanding your own spine and how to better manage your symptoms with confidence.

General Mobility and Fitness / Aging Well

These fun sessions include full body strength, mobility, agility, co-ordination, balance and cognitive challenges.

Knee Clinic

An educational exercise clinic to explore lower limb mechanics and function. 


Learn to improve your understanding, function, comfort and the longevity of you knees and hips to prolong years of walking, jogging or running around the lakes or on the fells.


The clinic will be three 1 hour sessions, in a small group of 6 people to allow for individual advise where necessary. The cost £35.

Physiotherapist stretching a patients foot. Image by Raspopova Marina
After a few regular sessions I was a lot more flexible, stronger and had a better understanding of how to stretch, lift, balance and even walk. My posture has improved and my self confidence has noticeably increased. 

Exercise Class Client

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