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What Is Run Video Analysis

What the analysis will include:

  • 60-minute initial assessment, followed by an optional 30 minute follow up review of your progress.

  • History of your running, health, and any injuries.

  • Identify your running goals.

  • Movement screen including joint range, muscle strength and movement control related to running.

  • Video analysis of your running gait on a treadmill. Slow motion analysis of your movement and gait pattern.

  • Analysis completed by a physiotherapist.

  • Individual targeted exercise plan, and specific cues for you to use while running to improve your gait.



Price £ 110 for an initial analysis plus a 30 min follow up appointment to review exercises & progress.

          Or £65 For the initial analysis, without a follow up.


Contact to book an appointment

01900 822008 or

**If you injured and not able to run, you may require a physiotherapy assessment before having a Running video analysis.


What you need to wear; close fitting running clothes and your normal running shoes.

Male running on the treadmill.
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